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Want to start fishing instead of waiting in line to purchase your fishing license? 

Don't want to worry about carrying cash to pay for your fishing license?

Forget your reading glasses at home and can't read the fine print on the forms?

Then the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) online license purchasing option is perfect for you!  Fill out your license online, pay with your credit card, and print it at home.  

More and more out-of-town fishermen are headed our way in September. Those who wait to purchase their fishing licenses when they arrive at the marina will be waiting in line, missing out on some fishing time.  

Skip the lines; purchase your fishing license online!

Supporting a Friend

As many of you know, our manager Misty is pregnant.  What many don't know is that her pregnancy hasn't been easy, and her baby will require surgery soon after birth.  To ensure the best care possible, Misty will travel to Seattle at the beginning of September and wait for the baby to be born.  Once the baby is delivered, doctors will determine a timeline for the baby's surgery.  Misty could be in Seattle for just a few months, or she could be there much longer.  While medical costs will be covered, living in Seattle for an indefinite time will be expensive.

We hope you'll join us in supporting Misty with what she needs right now: monetary support.  We have a few ways to donate, for your convenience:  1)  stop by First Bank here in Ketchikan; 2) mail a check (made payable to the Misty Pattison Donation Account) to the address noted below; 3) donate online using the button at the bottom of this page:

Account Name: Misty Pattison Donation Account

Account #: 913170

Address:  P.O. Box 1677                                

                 Ward Cove, AK  99928


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Knudson Cove Marina for Sale

Marina for Sale

Knudson Cove Marina (KCM) began in the 1940's when Odin Jensen built a float and used his pile driver, and it evolved slowly through several different owners until 2003, when it was purchased by Michael and Linnaea Troina, long-time Ketchikan residents who know the area and the Marina well.   The Troinas operate KCM as a family business; all three of their children work at the marina in different capacities.  The current Marina offers visitors 130 moorage slips, gear storage lockers, skiff/boat/kayak rentals, several waterfront vacation rental units, a large tackle shop, liquor store, fuel service, freezer space, and fishing charters (including charter fishing contracts with a majority of the cruise lines that visit Ketchikan).

At a realtor friend’s urging, Michael and Linnaea listed the marina for sale in 2013 to gauge local interest in a purchase.  Now that it’s been a few years, they’re not just gauging interest; they’re ready to sell. 

Interested parties can view the listing online: Knudson Cove Marina for Sale, and should speak with realtor Leif Stenfjord.

Leif's contact information:

Petersburg Properties, LLC
202 Gjoa Street
Petersburg, AK 99833
Direct - (206) 512-6505
Office - (907) 772-6000




Living in a rainforest by Melanie Loughman

Living in a rainforest has a way of making your life very interesting...and wet!
The past couple days the weather has been pouring down rain so anyone headed out is cover
in head to toe rain gear.
I run the ward lake trail every other day when I get off work. Being born in ketchikan a little rain
wasn't going to stop me so I went for my run anyway!
What I didn't know was that I was actually going for a swim instead of a run.

The campground was flooded and so was the trail!  But being the stubborn Alaskan that I am I wasn't going to let that stop me so I continued onward!

Ankle deep? No problem! Hip deep...well I wasn't running anymore but I did make it around the lake!  Just another day on the rock I guess.


About the author:
Melanie Loughman has worked the past two summers at Knudson Cove as a tour rep for our charters.  She is a Kayhi (Ketchikan High School) graduate and is currently attending Pacific University where she is majoring in education.

 Melanie enjoying a day in the rain forest!

Melanie enjoying a day in the rain forest!

Fish Pirates Daughter by Melanie Loughman

When the weather gets to bad for fishing and you need something else to occupy your time First
City Players can always be counted on to provide a good show. Coming up this year is our 51st annual showing of Fish Pirates Daughter!

Every year the community comes together to put on this silly melodrama about our very own little Alaskan Island.

If you aren't in the show then you will want to pick up your tickets soon! Along with a lot of laughs we also provide a salmon and crab feed before the show served by our lovely ladies of the line!

  2015 Cast

2015 Cast

This is a play unlike any you have been to before, here we encourage you to boo and hiss at the bad guys and cheer on our hero as he rescues our fair maiden from the nasty fish pirate and his crew of drunks!

Performance Dates are: July 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, & 22

Located at the Ted Ferry Civic Center

You can call First City Players to get your tickets at 225-4792.  You can follow First City Players on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FCPKetchikan/ to find out about all the wonderful productions they do!


 Rainbow over marina

Rainbow over marina

It's been another busy year here at Knudson Cove Marina!  In 2016, we remodeled and expanded the store, plus we rebuilt a 280-foot float section of the dock.  We made local news with our annual Summer Solstice party, the Plunge for Peace to support local law enforcement, and with King Salmon Derby winner Misty Pattison.  Misty also won the local phone book cover photo contest with a photo of KCM, and some other of Misty's photos made a local radio station calendar. We also made national and international news when we had humpback whales feeding in our marina.  

2017 Fishing License Rates

Fishing (and hunting) license rates will increase in 2017.  We sell licenses in the marina store, but you can save yourself time waiting in line if you buy a license online.

Winter is almost here...

Back in November we had a frosty morning of 33 degrees and we thought that was cold; boy were we wrong!      So far in December we have seen temperatures in the teens (the normal average temperature for this time of year is 40 degrees).  Still no snow yet!



OPERATING HOURS:  We are currently open 7 days week:


  • FRIDAY 7:00AM TO 7:00PM  



2016 Holiday Card


Planning to visit Ketchikan in 2017?  Misty has been busy taking reservations for our condos, charters and boat rentals.  Inquiries can be made by emailing kcoveinfo@gmail.com or filling out this form:  CONTACT US


For 2017 we will have a new location for guests to rent:  Captain's Suites Escape!   These waterfront cabins with private dock are located 20 minutes by boat from Knudson Cove Marina (still within cell range) .  There are three cabins total, which share a laundry shed.  The cabins are appointed as follows:

2-BEDROOM HOUSE + TREE HOUSE CABIN  (sleeps 5)  $540.00/night

  • House: Full Kitchen, bathroom, fireplace, 4 queen-size beds, charcoal bBQ

  • Tree house cabin: 1 twin bed plus shower/bathroom

2-BEDROOM CABIN (sleeps 4) $495.00/night

  • Full Kitchen, bathroom, Fireplace ,  4 queen-size beds, CHARCOAL BBQ

rent all three cabins for $925.00/night  

Cabins will be rented to only one party at a time

History of Misty

"You'll need to talk to Misty about that . . ."

If you've called the marina to inquire about reservations, moorage, or fishing tips, most likely you've heard those words.  There's a reason we tell you to ask Misty, and it's not because we don't want to talk to you; it's because Misty is our Knudson Cove Marina and fishing expert!

Although Misty was born and raised in Ketchikan, it might be more accurate to say she was born in Ketchikan and raised at Knudson Cove Marina.  Born into two fishing families (the Northrups and the Pattisons), most of Misty's early memories involve life at the marina.  Misty remembers living in the brown house that used to be at the top of the marina property, as well as spending hours upon hours out in the cove, wearing a life jacket and sitting (with her cousin Mike) in a dinghy that was tied to the dock.

When Misty was 14, she started getting paid for spending time at the marina. She rode her bike to work in the wee hours of the morning, then got to work setting up skiffs and fueling boats for customers.   Little did Misty know that, 20+ years later, she'd be running the marina.

 Misty with her first fish.

Misty with her first fish.

 Even as a toddler, Misty was interested in fish!  Here she is with her mom Louise, who'd landed a nice King salmon.

Even as a toddler, Misty was interested in fish!  Here she is with her mom Louise, who'd landed a nice King salmon.

 Proud fishergirl!

Proud fishergirl!

 Misty in 1989, with a 29-lb. King salmon.

Misty in 1989, with a 29-lb. King salmon.

 9 year-old Misty's halibut.

9 year-old Misty's halibut.

If you are lucky enough to take a class from Misty or have her offer you advice about fishing, LISTEN AND LEARN!  Misty knows how exciting and satisfying it is to have a successful day fishing, and she enjoys teaching others.

When Misty's not working at the marina, she enjoys - what else? - FISHING!  While she doesn't catch the largest fish in the Ketchikan's King Salmon Derby every year, Misty has caught numerous large fish over the years, and she feels happy and right at home out on the water.

 Misty teaching her "Women's Only" fishing class, in which she instructs women how to operate skiffs and fish for salmon.

Misty teaching her "Women's Only" fishing class, in which she instructs women how to operate skiffs and fish for salmon.

 A 35-lb. King that Misty caught in 2005.

A 35-lb. King that Misty caught in 2005.

 Feeling successful in 2011.

Feeling successful in 2011.

 Like mother, like daughter!

Like mother, like daughter!


This year, Misty landed a huge (48.6-lb.) King salmon, and secured FIRST PRIZE in Ketchikan's CHARR King Salmon Derby.  

While we are thrilled for Misty, we're even happier that she's our manager!  

The next time you call to talk to Misty or email her with your comments and questions, remember there's a reason that we tell you to contact her. Misty's experience at and history with Knudson Cove Marina benefit all of us!


 Misty and her proud dad, Skip.

Misty and her proud dad, Skip.

 Now THAT'S a King!

Now THAT'S a King!

Misty: Knudson Cove Marina's On-Site Expert

Winter Update

6 years ago when we purchased our liquor license, our little store got smaller.  We made a new sales counter, small office, small liquor store and added the required separate entrance... all in the space that was the original store.  Since that time, we have wanted to expand and gain back space for tackle and marine hardware.  We had to make the existing area more compact, cram everything into a tight space, store back stock in the attic and order frequently.  Well that is coming to an end.  

After getting a zoning permit from the Ketchikan Gateway borough, and approval from the state Alcoholic Beverage Control, the wall between the office and liquor store came out.  The back office door also came out and now the liquor store is double in space.  This will allow us to have a few more items but, more importantly, we will be able to keep more inventory and not have to order on a weekly basis.

 Current office space on sales counter   

Current office space on sales counter


What's next?

We will be raising the roof and expanding the store on the north side of the building.  Along the way we will fix the leaks in the roof and replace some faulty wiring.  The expansion will have a new office/employee break room,  more room for tackle and marine hardware.  We will move our line spooler out of the shed (not too many people know we spool reels) and our rope display (yes, we sell a variety of rope for marine use).  We will have a lot more space to display items... and to put up pictures.  (A lot of pictures have come down in the last several years to make space for retail items).  A big plus is that we will no longer have to go up and down the attic ladder.  No more crawling on our hands and knees to get inventory.  We will have stairs going up to the second floor and be able to stand up!

Follow us on Facebook for updates.  We will do our best to keep it up to date... but we will be busy with this and rebuilding 280 feet of dock!  Looking forward to the spring and summer when it will slow down for us.


If you signed up for newsletters to be e-mailed, we lost all that information during the office move.  Windows crashed on office computer where e-mail addressed were kept.  Please sign up again and we will get you our distribution list.   You can do so be entering e-mail address on side of this page (under "GET UPDATES FROM US!" ) or below by comments click on subscribe via e-mail.