In 2015 there will be a few changes with Commercial and Sport Licenses.  The most notable change is the format and barely legible red ink used.  I contacted the department of licensing to point out that the red ink was barely legible and this is the response: 

We have started using optical scanning software and it is necessary to use a red ink that will “fade” out when being optically scanned and entered into our licensing database.

So if your are RED/GREEN color blind or only have 20/20 vision, you will have a difficult time filling out the license.  If you buy the license at our store, we will assist and we do have "cheaters" (reading glasses) to help out.  An easier way (more legible) is to purchase your license on-line here.

Below are the changes for 2015.  Here is a pdf showing a enlarged version of 2015 license: 2015 License Info Sheet

Alaska Legislature Changes the 7-day Commercial Crewmember License

During the last days of the 2014 legislative session, HB143 passed, which affects the 7-day commercial crewmember license.  Starting in January 2015, commercial crewmembers will be allowed to purchase only one 7-day license per calendar year.

License vendors can only sell one 7-day license to each crewmember.  Please inform crewmembers of this change and have them purchase an annual license if they plan to commercial fish for more than 7 days.  If a crewmember purchases a 7-day license and later decides to fish longer, they’ll need to purchase an annual license in addition.  If they do this, they can send in their 7-day license with a copy of their annual license to Fish and Game Headquarters for a refund.

A New Look for the 2015 Sport and Crewmember Licenses

The 2015 Sport and Crewmember Licenses have a new look and format — see the attached licenses.  Fish & Game Licensing implemented a new process this past year for data capturing both the Sport and Crewmember licenses.  Each license is now being scanned and run through an optic character recognition (OCR) software.  The reason for this new feature is:

  • To help increase productivity in data capturing nearly 500,000 paper licenses coming in from our 1,000+ vendors.
  • Each license's image is now attached to the record entry and at the same time archived in this one step.

This new process has helped increase data entry/verifying by 25% with the current 2014 licenses.  With the new look and format to the 2015 licenses, we are hoping for an even greater increase in data capturing/verifying.  This new format will allow more of the fields to be recognized by the OCR software.