Getting Away From It All

     Sometimes getting away means jumping in a boat and going for a ride. It’s easy to feel like the world is left behind when exploring nearby coves. Smuggler’s Cove is a great example! Heading up the cove feels as if there is a special world inside. The ocean narrows and leads into a river. The trees creep closer. The water is clear. It creates a sensation of wanting to go further into the landscape. The sound of the river gets louder the further inland you travel. Then, it ends in a tiered waterfall.  All there is is a waterfall, the waterfall, the river, and friends. There is no job, no city, no civilized things, just the waterfall, sunshine, and the sound of the river.  (This river is not a place you want to go if you don’t know how to navigate the shallows and rocks. With experience, though, it is manageable.)

     The waterfall was a nice place to walk around for a bit. But, our time there was short. Unfortunately, we had a limit on how long we could be out and there was one more place to go, the vicinity of Grindall Island.

     Our next stop was a rowdy joint. It was a raucous sea lion rock. There was commotion and laziness happening in a pile on a rock in the ocean. Some sea lions were jockeying for better sleeping / sunning positions while others were swimming in a pack keeping an eye on our boat. The bulls roared asserting their position in the colony. We floated as close as possible to the pod. They will get aggressive if provoked. We got some nice pics and videos before heading home.

     We said goodbye to the sea lions. The swimmers, acting as centuries, escorted us out. They gave us one last look to make sure we were leaving before spinning around to return to their rock. The ride back to Knudson Cove was relaxing. The marina got closer with each small swell. Soon we were docked and back to our daily duties.