February Newsletter

Sunset on February 2nd

February store hours:  Monday-Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm

January was a busy month for us at the cove.  Warmer than normal temperatures allow us to work outside more (even did some pressure washing).  Store has been re-stocked with tackle and marine hardware.  More tackle will be coming later this month and early March.  The highlight of January had to be the big storm.  Wind (gusts up to 57 mph, rain (over 7 inches in 24 hours) and high tides (19.4 feet).  While we had 12 inches of rain in January at the cove, Ketchikan had 31 inches recorded in town.  

High tide plus rain plus storm = flooded parking lot

High tide plus rain plus storm = flooded parking lot

For February we plan on building a few new finger floats for the dock, work on a rock wall in the back of parking lot, replace the refrigeration in our walk in freezer, send out moorage letters,   continue on restocking store and maybe shovel some snow!

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