Winter Update

6 years ago when we purchased our liquor license, our little store got smaller.  We made a new sales counter, small office, small liquor store and added the required separate entrance... all in the space that was the original store.  Since that time, we have wanted to expand and gain back space for tackle and marine hardware.  We had to make the existing area more compact, cram everything into a tight space, store back stock in the attic and order frequently.  Well that is coming to an end.  

After getting a zoning permit from the Ketchikan Gateway borough, and approval from the state Alcoholic Beverage Control, the wall between the office and liquor store came out.  The back office door also came out and now the liquor store is double in space.  This will allow us to have a few more items but, more importantly, we will be able to keep more inventory and not have to order on a weekly basis.

Current office space on sales counter  

Current office space on sales counter


What's next?

We will be raising the roof and expanding the store on the north side of the building.  Along the way we will fix the leaks in the roof and replace some faulty wiring.  The expansion will have a new office/employee break room,  more room for tackle and marine hardware.  We will move our line spooler out of the shed (not too many people know we spool reels) and our rope display (yes, we sell a variety of rope for marine use).  We will have a lot more space to display items... and to put up pictures.  (A lot of pictures have come down in the last several years to make space for retail items).  A big plus is that we will no longer have to go up and down the attic ladder.  No more crawling on our hands and knees to get inventory.  We will have stairs going up to the second floor and be able to stand up!

Follow us on Facebook for updates.  We will do our best to keep it up to date... but we will be busy with this and rebuilding 280 feet of dock!  Looking forward to the spring and summer when it will slow down for us.


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