Spring Newsletter

As winter came to an end, so did our remodel of the store.  Spring arrived and now it was time to stock up all the new space.  Our liquor store doubled in space.  Retail store grew by almost 500 square feet.  Plus we added two offices and storage for back stock.


Once the store remodel was done we moved on to replacing 280 feet of floating dock.  It was damaged in a wind storm early October.  The section of dock could have been repaired but was likely to break again.  Three weeks later we had this job completed.

Then there was the whales...

Videos of whales bubbling feeding went viral.  For more pictures and videos, check out our Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/KnudsonCoveMarina/

The 69th annual King Salmon Derby starts May 28th.  Get your tickets in our store.  We have seen lots of Kings this month included a 41.8 pound King!  It was Sara's first King caught on a charter with Captain Brian on C/V Sierra Dawn.

Spring will come to end June 20th at 2:34 pm so it will be time to celebrate summer!  Our annual solstice party will be on June 20th. Keep checking our Facebook page for updates and availability of Solstice T-shirts.  Last year we raised over $2000.00 for various charities!