Living in a rainforest by Melanie Loughman

Living in a rainforest has a way of making your life very interesting...and wet!
The past couple days the weather has been pouring down rain so anyone headed out is cover
in head to toe rain gear.
I run the ward lake trail every other day when I get off work. Being born in ketchikan a little rain
wasn't going to stop me so I went for my run anyway!
What I didn't know was that I was actually going for a swim instead of a run.

The campground was flooded and so was the trail!  But being the stubborn Alaskan that I am I wasn't going to let that stop me so I continued onward!

Ankle deep? No problem! Hip deep...well I wasn't running anymore but I did make it around the lake!  Just another day on the rock I guess.


About the author:
Melanie Loughman has worked the past two summers at Knudson Cove as a tour rep for our charters.  She is a Kayhi (Ketchikan High School) graduate and is currently attending Pacific University where she is majoring in education.

Melanie enjoying a day in the rain forest!

Melanie enjoying a day in the rain forest!