May Newsletter

As we move through spring toward summer, our hours will expand with the daylight hours. By the end of may, we'll be back to our normal operating hours of: 5:30am - 9:00pm,  7 days a week



As the marina becomes busier, please be considerate of others by remembering to:

  • Keep your dogs on leashes
  • Clean up after your animals
  • Dispose of your cigarettes in the orange buoy "butt disposal" containers




We rearranged our parking lot, and know parking can be tight.  In order to accommodate everybody who wants to be here, as well as safety vehicles and buses, please consider the following:

  • Handicapped Spaces:  Only park in the handicapped spots if you have a handicapped placard or a license plate.  Please do not use the spots unless you have a person with you whose disabilities require the close parking;

  • Unloading:  Feel free to pull onto the dock to unload people and gear, then park your vehicle in the parking lot;

  • Dockside Galley:  DO NOT park directly next to or right in front of the Dockside Galley restaurant;

  • Towing:  Cars that are blocking access for others WILL BE TOWED.




     WEEKEND #1:  MAY 23-25

     WEEKEND #2:  MAY 30-31

     WEEKEND #3:  JUNE 6-7

Are you ready to fish in the 68th Annual King Salmon Derby?  Our store is stocked with tackle, bait, safety equipment, clothing, and snacks - we're ready to outfit all of your derby-fishing needs!

Don't have your own boat?  Rent one of our covered boats or one of our skiffs!  


Lloyd AKA "Blind Squirrel" getting ready for his trek.

Lloyd AKA "Blind Squirrel" getting ready for his trek.


Moorage customer Lloyd Gossman left Ketchikan at the end of April to head for Independence, Missouri to walk the Oregon trail.  His trek will take him 2200 miles, and his goal is to fight cancer by raising money through sponsorships and donations. You can keep track of his progress via Live In Ketchikan Facebook Page or get updates from local radio station KFMJ.  We will be following Lloyd and look forward to seeing him when he returns!

March Newsletter

March store hours:  Monday-Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Panorama from roof top of our condos

Panorama from roof top of our condos


A mere six inches of rainfall in February bring us to a total of 18 inches for 2015.  Temperature-wise, we've recorded a high temperature of 52 and a low of 29.  With the nicer weather, we have seen more activity around the cove.  We keep busy re-stocking the store and working on projects around the dock.  We have also added more info on our website located in a drop down menu on "The Marina":  

Monthly Specials: On this page, we will post our monthly specials for the liquor store and the tackle shop.

Forms and Documents:  This page will have forms/documents that can be downloaded and printed.  We have few on there now and we continue add more.

Employment Opportunities:  This page has current openings, job descriptions and an employment application.

Please take a look.  If you have an idea, or would like to see certain documents, please let us know.  You can make comments below.

Repairs and upgrades continue around the marina.  Our ice maker got a new paint job, and our walk-in freezer has new refrigeration; we upgraded to a larger system to help freeze the salmon fillets faster!  We are also refurbishing all the freezer racks and painting the room.  The dock has also been getting a few repairs: two finger floats had to be replaced as well as one mooring buoy.  In March we will continue to make repairs and ready the dock for all of our customers.

An exciting addition to our services is our propane dispensary, which is now up and running.  You can bring your tanks by to have them filled, and we also sell 20# propane cylinders (BBQ size).

Get your propane cylinders filled at the cove!

Get your propane cylinders filled at the cove!

February Newsletter

Sunset on February 2nd

February store hours:  Monday-Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm

January was a busy month for us at the cove.  Warmer than normal temperatures allow us to work outside more (even did some pressure washing).  Store has been re-stocked with tackle and marine hardware.  More tackle will be coming later this month and early March.  The highlight of January had to be the big storm.  Wind (gusts up to 57 mph, rain (over 7 inches in 24 hours) and high tides (19.4 feet).  While we had 12 inches of rain in January at the cove, Ketchikan had 31 inches recorded in town.  

High tide plus rain plus storm = flooded parking lot

High tide plus rain plus storm = flooded parking lot

For February we plan on building a few new finger floats for the dock, work on a rock wall in the back of parking lot, replace the refrigeration in our walk in freezer, send out moorage letters,   continue on restocking store and maybe shovel some snow!

Stop by and see what is new!  Check out our facebook page for daily updates:


Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Lemonade and treats for sale!

Lemonade and treats for sale!

Sometimes, Knudson Cove Marina reminds me of that old sitcom Cheers, except it’s not a bar, and there are way more fish. The marina is a friendly, familiar, family place. It’s a place people gravitate. If you live on the north end, eventually you will be at the Cove, for one reason or another. It’s a place to go where people congregate, say hi, chat, and do all kinds of fishing!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

Places like these are magical. Every town has one, if not multiples of them. The north end of Ketchikan has Knudson Cove Marina. I had been thinking about all of the families and generations that have walked the docks for some time. I wasn't sure how to explain the allure here. The explanation has never been given to me per se; it has been shown to me daily as I watch from behind the counter. 

One experience I watched was heartwarming. A small girl, who frequents the marina with her family, ran up the gangway. She was so excited after fishing all day. She had her life vest on and was the first of her family up the ramp. She turned around to see her mom and dad but they were nowhere near, and, perhaps, out of sight for a moment. She burst into tears terrified, crying loudly. She realized she was alone in those few seconds and didn't know what else to do.

Releasing the ducks!

Releasing the ducks!

Two dads standing at the top of the ramp watched this unfold. One of them asked her what was wrong. She couldn't answer. She walked to the top of the ramp where the men tried to console her, not wanting too much to do with them. Her parents were now in sight and about to join her. Though she didn't know it, she had two guardians watching out for her.

This scenario is a typical day at the marina, everyone watches out for everyone. It is home for so many people, visitors staying a short while, and locals who grew up here, alike. It's an easy place to become attached. The marina is a place full of life. Every day I see the same people, the same smiles. We are lucky to be a part of this dynamic place!